Inspired by the Marriott®️ Hotel Attune Scent



Inspired by the Marriott®️ Hotel Attune scent, November Rain offers combined notes of apple, grapefruit, and a calming floral blend and white cedar. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with this luxurious scent collection. The smooth, nuanced scent comprised of jasmine, rose and cedarwood will make you feel like you are in an astonishing Marriott®️ Resort.

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Using cold-air diffusion technology, consistently scenting a large space becomes easy and affordable.

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Search through our catalog of unique scented luxury candles. Every note rests on a long-lasting koa wood and white musk.

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This uplifting scent begins with a citrus blend of orange and grapefruit. The main theme is red currant with nuances of jasmine, rose and cedarwood. The fragrance dries down to a white musk base.

The Competitive Edge

Scenting solutions create an atmosphere that garners repeat visits to your spa while building brand loyalty and excellent experiences. Having a unique edge to your competitors, such a scent solution, will have you standing out and turning clients into brand advocates for your business. Scent plays a large role in relaxation and shouldn't be ignored.

Our ‘November Rain’ scent is not the official scent of the Marriott®️ Hotel but is our interpretation of that scent and may contain different components. Neither Hotel Scents®️ nor its scenting products are endorsed by or affiliated in any way with Marriott®️ Hotels.