The Edition® Hotels are known for a variety of individualized hotels, located in the gateway cities around the world, such as London, Miami Beach, New York, Barcelona, and more. Hotel Scents developed a scent inspired by their authentic design and unique hotel experience, Black Velvet. Black Velvet is a scent representing the uniqueness of the Edition® Hotels with every unfolding aroma. The boldness of bergamot transforms into a sweet rose and leaves subtle musk. Black Velvet leaves you, just like the Edition® Hotels, wondering what mysteries lie ahead.

Our “Black Velvet” scents are not the official scents of the registered brands mentioned but are our interpretations of those scents and may contain different components. Neither Hotel Scents by Aroma360®️ nor its scenting products are endorsed by or affiliated by the brands mentioned and are used for comparative purposes only.

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Inspired by The Edition® Hotels, Black Velvet has encapsulating amber, subtle musk and blonde woods as base notes. The scent unravels notes of freesia, rose and cedar and leaves you with the aroma of lemon, bergamot and black fig. Introducing this scent into your home or work space will leave you with a luxurious and extraordinary aroma.