Introducing the Hotel Collection by Aroma360


Elegant scenting is an art, one that’s epitomized by some of the premier hotels around the globe. Hotel Scents are delighted to introduce their Hotel Collection by Aroma360, inspired by some of the most distinguished fragrances made famous by the finest luxury residences, such as Marriott, W, Ritz Carlton, and Westin.

Imbue your space with the ultimate in curated hotel scenting 

  •     Famous hotel scents for home and business 

Famous hotel scents for home and business

The nirvana that is the interior of the world’s top hotels is hugely influenced by the delightful fragrance that pervades. Many of these have become highly sought after by those wishing to duplicate the same in their home or business environment. 

The Hotel Collection by Aroma360 provides this very advantage, with an array of essential oil bouquets inspired by those of leading residences. Rich, scented paradise is but a breath away with this expertly curated selection.

Fragrance your space from the cultivated hotel collection By Aroma360.

Aroma360 Scents:

  •     The Ritz Carlton
  •     Fairmont Hotels
  •     The Grove Resort, Orlando
  •     Hyatt Ziva, Cancun
  •     Marriott Hotels

The Ritz Carlton

Inspired by this classic hotel in Key Biscayne, “Escapade” combines fragrant jasmine with spicy black pepper and ocean aromas for an evocative, restorative bouquet that both hydrates and refreshes.


Fairmont Hotels

Seductive and romantic, the scent of “Desert Rose” contains the heady delights of oud wood, damask rose, and musk to bring about a tantalizing sensory experience.


The Grove Resort, Orlando

A bespoke scent, “Lust for Life” was designed for this illustrious resort. The perfect choice for areas that call for the fresh fragrance of citrus fruits to invigorate and energize.


Hyatt Ziva, Cancun

Little White Lies” boasts a tangy, swirling bouquet that includes delights such as lychee pears, citron, and ylang ylang. The compelling combination creates a deliciously light and uplifting fragrance that lifts mood and draws the most positive of emotions to the fore.


Marriott Hotels

 For anyone who’s been captivated by the signature scent of the Marriott chain (Attune) then “November Rain” from the Hotel Collection is a must-have to scent your home or office space.  


Building on the inspiration of this globally recognizable aroma, it’s an expressive blend of grapefruit, orange, redcurrant, and jasmine rose, with distinctly musky base tones. Quite simply, gorgeous…

These are but a handful of the elegant scents in this cultured collection. With over 20 to choose from you’re guaranteed to discover the fragrancing solution that gently imbues the desired atmosphere to your home or business space.

Browse the Hotel Collection

Explore the delights of the gorgeous Hotel Collection, an extensive array of perfectly coordinated scents that can be enjoyed via gorgeous candles, reed diffusers, or scent diffuser, and are designed to suit both the home environment and all manner of business premises. 

 Visit and experience the luxury for yourself.

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