Best Hotel Scents For Your Home

Hotel Scents For Home

Walking through the door of a top hotel is to step into luxury. A huge aspect of this immediate sense of pleasure is that of aroma and something that hotels such as W, Westin, Edition, and more spend millions to get right. Your home or business space can also feature such refined fragrances, enjoying the wide range of benefits brought about by the art of aromachology.

From Hotel To Home Scenting: The Subconscious Benefits Of A Curated Fragrance

  •     Why Luxury Hotels Use Scent
  •     How To Scent Your Home: Candles, Reeds, And Scent Diffusers

Why Luxury Hotels Use Scent

The human psyche translates aroma in a unique manner—one that bypasses conscious thought and instantly influences mood, thoughts, and emotions. This makes fragrance a powerful element by which hotels “speak” to their visitors, helping deliver their desired message and creating potent links between an aroma and their brand.

Luxury residences want you to feel at your best within their premises and can easily be replicated at home. The components of a scent can pique a variety of emotions depending on their makeup. From relaxation to invigoration, and everything in between, ensuring the best aroma within your house is hugely beneficial to all who experience it.

How To Scent Your Home: Candles, Reeds, And Scent Diffusers

Home scenting can be achieved in many ways, with key elements being the quality of the essential oils used. Options available are candles, reed diffusers, and—the ultimate option—a home scent diffuser that uses an advanced procedure known as “cold air diffusion”.

Hotel Scents For Your Home:

  •     The Edition Hotel Scent
  •     1 Hotel Scent
  •     The W Hotels scent
  •     The Atlantis Hotel Scent
  •     The Westin Hotel

Bespoke Scenting Options

There’s no better solution to a beautifully scented home than the hotel-inspired aromas from industry leader, Hotel Scents. Aroma is a personal choice, and if you’ve ever dreamed you could reproduce a fragrance you’ve enjoyed in any luxury hotel around the world, then the following are sure to appeal. 

The Edition Hotel Scent

Black Velvet is inspired by the gorgeous scent made famous by The Edition Hotel and combines a twist of lemon with encapsulating amber for a subtle, sultry aroma.

View The Edition Hotel Scent Here

 1 Hotel Scent

Visitors to the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach are enveloped in a sensual, delicious tone, featuring iris, sandalwood, and cedar, that’s led to the creation of the scent, My Way. 

View The 1 Hotel Scent Here

The W Hotels Scent 

24K Magic is aptly named, as this citrusy fragrance develops into a delightful floral bouquet, such as that enjoyed by guests in W Hotels around the world. 

View The W Hotels Scent Here

The Atlantis Hotels Scent

The Atlantis Resorts embrace the heady scents of orange blossom and jasmine to delight their customers. Skyfall is the delicious aroma that embodies this warm and welcoming fragrance to use within your home.

View The Atlantis Hotels Scent Here

The Westin Hotel Scent

Beautifully revitalizing, Dream On is a wonderful interpretation of the bespoke scent enjoyed by visitors to the best Westin Hotels around the world.

View The Westin Hotel Scent Here

Discover The Complete Hotel Scent Collection

Your home scenting needs are perfectly catered for with the wide collection of beguiling fragrance options from the experts at Hotel Scents. Visit now to discover the world of aroma available for the most discerning home scenting available. 

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