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The nature of the hotel environment demands the most efficient scenting solutions. From the moment guests enter, and throughout their stay, their experience is directly influenced by the fragrances that surround them. This makes permeating the freshest of aromas an essential aspect of the hospitality on offer. Without a doubt, the unrivaled method by which to do this is through the use of a premium hotel scent diffuser. 

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Ambient aromatic solutions from Hotel Scents by Aroma360

  •     Scent objectives
  •     Elevate the guest experience

Scent objectives 

The world’s premier hotels represent everything we associate with luxury and elegance. Guests feel pampered and can luxuriate in different areas of the residence. From rooms to spas, conference areas and business spaces, the use of strategic scenting allows hoteliers to dramatically influence every aspect of guest enjoyment. The advantages of this are numerous, including increased loyalty, brand recognition, and, ultimately, having a positive effect on customer retention.

Elevate the guest experience

Aromatic solutions are by far best addressed by technologically advanced methods that provide a simple way to scent various areas of a hotel. Such a bespoke ability allows guests to benefit from a hotel’s signature scent, or perhaps a range of fragrances to suit various areas throughout the complex. 

This is easily achieved by the use of Hotels Scents by Aroma360’s range of hotel scent diffusers. 

Hotel scent diffusers 

  •     The ultimate hotel air freshener
  •     Hotel scent diffusers for large and small spaces 

The ultimate hotel air freshener

Premium grade scent diffusers offer a unique method that addresses every aspect of scenting needs. From vital first impressions within a hotel lobby to ambient aromas within conference areas, and everything in between, the ability to consistently and safely infuse areas with different scents is crucial.

HVAC scent diffusers work via existing heating and ventilation systems, with the exclusive models available from Hotel Scents by Aroma360 offering the ultimate solution. By taking advantage of the latest in cold-air diffusion technology, efficient uniform scenting can be guaranteed and brought to areas of all sizes—from lobbies through to whole floors or complexes.

Hotel scent diffusers for large and small spaces

Scent diffusers are whisper quiet and disperse the bespoke aromas of high-class essential oils unobtrusively. Smaller units, such as the stand-alone Da Vinci 360, fragrances spaces of up to 800 square feet, whereas multiple areas are easily serviced by the ultimate HVAC hotel air freshener, the Museum360. Or combine the convenience of the two with Hotel Scents by Aroma360’s VanGough360 scent diffuser.

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With different scenting options on offer, hoteliers can easily service smaller areas, such as lobbies, with portable scenting solutions, yet be able to permeate large spaces thanks to the power of a larger HVAC unit. 

With technology specifically created to satisfy all hotel fragrancing needs, hotels have the ability to enhance their residents’ stay in a manner that was previously unachievable. To increase your guest experience and discover the perfect solution for your needs, visit

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