Hotel Collection Platinum Candles - Mystify
Hotel Collection Platinum Candle - 14oz  - Mystify
Hotel Collection Platinum Candle - 55oz - Mystify

Mystify Platinum Candle

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Inspired by: Wynn® Las Vegas

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Inspired by: Wynn® Hotel

A garden party for the senses, this refreshing decorative candle conjures up perfect summer days and the delightful flavors of honeydew melon, sweet raspberries, and bright lemon. Complemented by floral lily and jasmine and sultry musk, Mystify will transform your mood with its sweet and zesty essence.

Candle Size: 14oz | 55oz

Burn Time: 95 Hours | 300 Hours

Our “Mystify” scents are not the official scents of the registered brands mentioned but are our interpretations of those scents and may contain different components. Neither Hotel Scents by Aroma360® nor its scenting products are endorsed by or affiliated by the brands mentioned and are used for comparative purposes only.

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