museum360 scent diffuser

Museum360 Scent Diffuser

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Scent with ease and efficiency using the Museum360. Scent every square inch of space via Aroma360's HVAC system connection, resourcefully covering multiple areas at a pre-selected scent concentration level without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances and sprays. Manage when scenting occurs through an easy-to-manage internal digital time. Supplement large spaces, such as entire homes, hotel floors, and mall wings, with the Museum360. 

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  • Cold-Air Diffusion Technology
  • Dual-Fragrance Bottle Capacity
  • Programmable weekly timer that allows for different time and density settings for different days of the week.
  • Ability to lock the settings to prevent customers or employees from tampering with the settings.
  • Security lock for the fragrance compartment.
  • Ideal option for medium to large spaces such as lobbies, offices, homes, halls, retail stores, spas, fitness centers and much much more!

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