The Westin Hotel White Tea Scent


What do you think of when you walk into a Westin® Hotel? Being on vacation? Relaxation? Pure bliss…? Whatever the association, those joyous emotions are stimulated by the wonders of their signature scent. Aromatic experts, Hotel Scents, reveal how they can bring that same gorgeous fragrance into your space.The White Tea Scent Inspired by The Westin Hotel

Dream On: The White Tea Scent That Was Created To Replicate The Smell Of The Westin®  Hotel

The Westin® Hotel fragrance inspired, Dream On. This fragrance is not only captivating in its essence but also speaks a message of luxury and well-being. This signature scent is the scent that the Westin® Hotel is famous for. It is a combination of white tea, vanilla, and cedarwood, elements of aloe vera, ginger, and lily are amongst the other tones that lead to a truly revitalizing and cleansing scent.

Disperse This Scent Into Your Space Via A Candle, Reed, or Diffuser

The Dream On scent can be introduced to any size space through the use of the Dream On Candle, Dream On Reed Diffuser, or—the ultimate scenting option—a cold air diffusion Scent Diffuser. These whisper-quiet devices come in a variety of sizes, either as stand-alone units or that work through an existing HVAC system.

Whichever scenting option you choose you will instantly be transported to a vacation state of mind, luxuriating in all the positive emotions this scent evokes. 


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