Essential Oil And Autism

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a series of conditions where individuals have difficulty interacting or communicating with others. But as time and research continues, more evidence is mounting to reveal that there are things we can do to help those with autism feel more comfortable. With added levels of comfort and understanding, certain behaviors of autism may be able to be reduced, even if only Smelling scent in the airfor the moment. Giving people with autism the time and space that they need is essential to improve their well being, and aromatherapy may have utility in this regard. 


We can talk for days about how scents affect our psychology, but more importantly, scents trigger memories. In an instant, we can be transported back to our childhood with the smell of grass, and in a flash, we can travel to a dark place with a smell that reminds us of trauma. For those with autism, it appears that the proclivity to be at the whim of their own senses can be disturbing, therefore, it’s important to provide a calming environment as much as possible. 

Essential oil diffusers and other methods for enhancing your home scents have proven to be a great way to reduce stress while providing a pleasant aroma throughout. Derived from different parts of natural plants, the concentrated essential oils pack a serious punch that can transform an entire home. With hundreds of oils available to try in your essential oil diffusers, you can combine different fragrances to create a unique mixture for your specific needs. Creating home scents that are both inviting and calming is now easier than ever. 

Specific Oils To Try

While the FDA hasn’t concluded that home diffusers “treat” patients with autism, they also don’t regulate essential oil products. After all, this is more about creating a relaxing environment more than actively fighting the condition. A range of studies have been conducted on the effects of certain essential oils, so here are a few that have risen to the top.

Lavender has been a staple of the aroma world because it has been used for generations to reduce anxiety. As studies have found, lavender has the ability to affect our emotions, and can even calm people down in stressful situations. Sandalwood scent

Sandalwood has proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, sandalwood can help people clear their minds if placed into an essential oil diffuser. 

Frankincense has been discovered to reduce the occurrence of negative emotions or reactions. For those struggling in social environments, involving frankincense in your home diffuser may prove beneficial. 

While it’s not scientifically official, it’s clear that essential oils placed within home diffusers can provide a heightened level of comfort to those with autism. Just like anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Do not apply essential oils directly to the skin, instead, simply load up your diffuser and when the mist is released, breathe in slowly. Hotel Scents offers top of the line scent diffusers for this very application.

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