The Candle Inspired by the Edition Hotel

Most hotel chains have standards that ensure uniformity in all their properties, whether it’s in terms of service, structure, or design. However, the Edition Hotels® veered away from this convention and built their chain of luxury boutique hotels with emphasis on uniqueness and personalized services. Staying in their New York, Miami Beach, Barcelona, Tokyo, or other locations will give you an experience that’s one of a kind. 

Inspired by their desire to infuse emotion into every experience in their hotels, we developed the Black Velvet Candle, an intricate mix of aromas that come together into an exciting profusion of olfactory delight.  

Black Velvet Candle

Inspired by the Edition Hotel® this candle is a sophisticated fusion of mystery, sensuality, and individuality. the edition hotel candle

The Black Velvet fragrance gives you layer after layer of luxurious aromas, with each one intriguing your senses and creating anticipation as to what pleasant fragrance will bloom next. It’s a fascinating blend of citrus, floral, wood, and musk that can soothe a weary soul. 

The crisp and refreshing scent of bergamot, lemon, and black fig boosts moods and helps relieves stress. A subtle bouquet of freesia and rose reduces anxiety and further improves your mood. Earthy undertones of amber ground your emotions and help you relax while the woodsy notes of cedar ease tension. Musk and blonde woods complete the scent’s profile, kindling sensuality while promoting relaxation. 

Black Velvet is a complex mix of notes that are rich, spicy, fruity, balsamic, and floral, all melding together to playfully engage your senses. 

With its elegant black tin container, the Black Velvet Candle easily becomes a luxurious decoration ready for display. In addition, only high-quality oils and components are used to create this candle. A single 11-oz candle would be enough to provide your space with a fragrance for up to 85 hours. 

Burn Or Diffuse The Black Velvet Scent 

Whether you want to burn or diffuse, there is a Black Velvet scent that can be used for either. The Black Velvet Candle adds a romantic feeling, with its gentle flame flickering and forming shadows in the room. On the other hand, the Black Velvet Reed Diffuser fills your home with the lovely, luxurious scent of the Edition Hotels® even when you’re away at work. For big homes or offices, the Black Velvet Scent can also be used through an HVAC Scent Diffuser, which is capable of steadily and constantly diffusing the luxurious aroma throughout a much larger area. 

Fill Your Home with Hotel Scents 

Coming home to a hotel-like atmosphere is possible through Hotel Collection. All our scents are infused with only the finest oils, ensuring that these fragrances last long and maintain their excellent quality.  

Give your home an Edition Hotel® vibe with the Black Velvet Candle. Fill a room with a fragrance that can soothe your weary body at the end of a busy workday. Come home everyday to a luxurious scent and feel like you’re on perpetual holiday.  

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