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Hotel Scents' luxury candles can turn your home or office space into a soothing oasis. 

Our luxury scented candles are either designed for or inspired by some of the world's most luxurious hotels and resorts, allowing you to create a hotel-like ambiance in your home or office. 

Hotel Scents' Luxury Candles:Luxury Candle

Inspired by the 1 Hotel®, My Way encompasses a unique blend of a delicate iris fragrance combined with lavish Tuscan leather as both trail behind the warm aroma of sandalwood and cedar.

Recreate the mysterious, yet seductive atmosphere of the Edition® Hotels into your home with Black Velvet. The elaborate scent of bergamot is balanced by a soft rose fragrance fused with woody undertones of cedar and blonde. Savory lemon and faint musk add an exhilarating touch to this intimate scent.

An enlivening citrusy aroma of orange and grapefruit welcomes you as you light this candle. Inspired by Marriott® Hotel’s signature scent, November Rain is also filled with notes of tart red currant, sweet jasmine, delicate rose, and woody cedar.

This invigorating aroma takes you to the beaches of the Bahamas. A whirl of orange blossom and green melon is quickly trailed by soft scents of jasmine and soothing fresh ocean breeze. Vanilla, musk, and cedar follow behind and give your home a beachy feel.

Celebrate the delightful feeling of summer all year round with Mystify. Notes of lemon and green melon accompany the heart of the scent — a delicate floral bouquet of lily and jasmine. A hint of raspberry and mossy musk conclude the full-bodied fragrance.

  • Dream On Candle

Be welcomed home by a graceful fusion of white tea, aloe vera, cedarwood, and vanilla — a renewing fragrance inspired by Westin® Hotels signature scent. This aroma creates a bright ambiance that gentles your soul and re-energizes your senses.

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These elegant candles are among the many scented products Hotel Scents provides for homes and businesses. We also have these luxury scents in reeds or scent bottles that go with our scent diffusers. Visit to shop all products.

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